Founded in 1962, Ibex Capital Partners was a family-owned advisory firm for over four decades, with a focus on wealth management mainstays such as real estate, fixed income products, and estate planning. In 2009, in response for increasing demand for alternative investment strategies in a rapidly-evolving world, the firm restructured itself, and recruited a diverse team of new professionals with fresh perspectives.

Today, the firm offers services in the niche areas of private equity, venture capital, ESG investing, and cryptocurrency, but with the same time-honoured approach.

We are proud to serve over 500 families and businesses. Our ethics require that we always remain true to the traditional Swiss principles of loyalty, discretion, and confidentiality. We always place our clients at the centre of our business, for we owe our success entirely to them. Unlike large institutions, we will never put ourselves in a position of conflict with our clients, with our proprietary investments.  

The world continues to evolve in unprecedented ways. Nothing is for certain, except that the only constant is change. As professionals, we are prepared for the unexpected. While the coronavirus pandemic has left a deep imprint in markets and economics internationally, there are emerging investment themes to explore. Throughout our history, Ibex has shown an ability to adapt and survive. This is the Ibex difference.